Vivian Alice Reid

Reid, Vivian Alice

Vivian graduated from Rest Haven Hospital in Sidney in 1936.   In 1921 the Seventh Day Adventist Church had bought the property and it was made into a health centre, including a training school for nurses.  It became a General Hospital in 1949 and in 1966 replaced by a new hospital.

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This folder of material relates to Vivian Reid’s graduation from Resthaven Hospital in Sidney in 1936, including photographs, and historical information on Resthaven.  All material is photocopied.

Paton, Nora ( -2018)

See OH 146

Born and raised in Kenora, Nora had a varied career as a neurological nurse, chief negotiator for the BC Nurses’ Union and a vice-chairman of the BC Labour relations board. She also excelled at curling, representing BC at the national mixed championships.

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Irene Smith

Smith (nee Anderson), Irene

Irene Anderson was recruited from her position with BC Mental Health Services in spring 1942 to operate a hospital at Hastings Park Internment Camp for Japanese residents.  Her duties included administering the hospital, supervising patient care, supervising staff, and training aides to supplement the professional nursing staff.  Male and female patients and young children, as well as those suffering from TB, were segregated.  Patients with more serious medical issues were transferred to VGH.  In September 1942 Irene resigned to enroll in the Teaching and Supervision diploma program at UBC School of Nursing.

Photograph shows Irene Anderson (centre) with nurses at the Hastings Park Hospital for the Japanese in 1942.

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  1. Biographical information by Ethel Warbinek
  2. “Nikkei Memories” in The Bulletin Literary Supplement: A Journal for and About the Nikkei Community (April 1996)

Pauline Siddons 1919 – 1999

Siddons, Pauline A.J. (1919-1999)

Pauline Siddons played a major leadership role in the nursing profession, particularly in the late 1960s and early 1970s, helping break down the stigma of mental illness through educating BC public health nurses about ways to re-introduce the mentally ill back into the community following their long term institutionalization in mental health hospitals.

Pauline was born in Saskatoon and graduated from the Saskatoon City Hospital.  She served from 1944-46 with RCAMC, and in 1947 completed a certificate in Public Health Nursing at UBC.  Later she completed a BSN in administration and supervision at UofT.

Pauline worked for BC Public Health Nursing in a number of communities.  From 1969 to 1981 she worked in Victoria as a consultant to Public Health staff, with special responsibility for increasing emphasis on mental health issues as part of the generalized public health nursing program.

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  1. Nomination materials for the RNABC Memorial Book, prepared by Glennis Zilm.
  2. Letter from Helen Shore to Monica Green, May 26, 1999.
  3. Letter from Monica Green to Helen Shore, May 31, 1999.
  4. Biographical notes
  5. Photograph
  6. Obituary

Therese Schnurr (1926-2016)

Schnurr (nee Sabourin), Therese M. (1926-2016)

  • See OH165

Therese Sabourin grew up in Ottawa, becoming a member of the Sisters of Providence in 1948.  She attended St. Paul’s Hospital School of Nursing in Vancouver, graduating in 1956.  She later received her BA from Seattle University and her Master’s from the University of Washington.  She worked at a number of hospitals in Western Canada, retiring from Chilliwack General Hospital in 1988.  She served as the Director of Nursing Services for RNABC.

Therese reflected on the history of nursing during her career as a process of nurses gradually gaining more respect, for which she considered education to be key.  She was a member of a number of committees and professional organizations which she felt had given her a broader view of nursing and the factors influencing decision-making.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Biographical Information Profile
  2. Biographical release form
  3. “Profile”, RNABC News (1970), p. 13.
  4. [Nomination information], The Canadian Nurse, April 1976, p. 29.  Later information
  5. with no source, but probably from The Canadian Nurse.
  6. Obituary

Margaret Scaia 1954 –

Scaia, Margaret (ca. 1954-

After twenty years manufacturing outdoor equipment for Mountain Equipment Co-op and Eco-Marine, Margaret enrolled in Selkirk College’s nursing program.  After graduation with a Governor General’s Bronze Medal for academic achievement, she continued her education with a Bachelor, Masters and PhD.  Margaret is an Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of Victoria.  In 2015 she received the honour of distinguished Alumni from Selkirk College and is an active member of CAHN.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Biographical information
  2. Photograph

Mary Sarvela 1913 – 2004

Sarvela (nee Buckland), Mary “Molly” Richards (1913-2004)

Many Sitka, Alaska residents have commended Mary for her extensive civic involvements. She was recreation director at the Sitka Pioneer Home, organized and was President of the Sitka Community Auxiliary, hosted an annual salmon bake at her home for the Sitka Summer Music Festival, and contributed her energy to many other community organizations.  The Sitka Chamber of Commerce’s “Cossack Cap” award recognized these many accomplishments.

Mary was born in New Zealand and graduated from the VGH School of Nursing in 1937.  After her marriage in 1940, she moved to Sitka, where from 1955 to 1975 she was a general duty nurse and supervisor, later becoming recreational director.  Her energy and commitment inspired many.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Biographical Information Profile
  2. Biographical information
  3. Mary Richards, “What Nursing Means to Me”.
  4. “Sitka’s Faith in Action” Newsletter
  5. In support of Sarvela’s nomination for the Cossack Cup Award.
  6. Photocopied article and letter on Richards.
  7. Photograph (1988)
  8. Ardyce Czuchna-Curl, “Mary Sarvela:  How to Live Life to the Fullest”, Daily
  9. Sitka Sentinel, Sitka, Alaska, August 15, 2003.
  10. Biographical information
  11. Funeral program

Betty Ross 1943 –

Ross (nee King), Betty (1943-   )

Betty Ross received a BSN from the University of Victoria in 1991 and a MSN from the University of British Columbia in 1998.  She was a clinical nurse with management and nurse educator experience and clinical expertise in the care of patients in neuroscience, respiratory science, critical care, and emergency settings.  She received an RNABC Award of Excellence in Nursing Practice in 2003 and an Excellence in Thoracic Surgery Nursing Award in 2004.

During the late 1970s she was involved in dialogues at Vancouver General Hospital which focused on giving nurses a stronger voice in the management of their profession.  This brought them into conflict with senior management and the board of trustees.  Lack of sufficient skilled nurses to give high quality patient care became the subject of an independent inquiry which resulted in some necessary staffing changes.  The Board of Trustees was dismissed, and sixty additional nurses and other key personnel were hired.  Betty saw this as “A good example of what a group of dedicated nurses can do when their profession is being devalued and roles not respected”.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Biographical (Information Profile
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Report on VGH by Peter Bazowski, Public Administrator, October 16, 1978.
  4. Message from L.V. Truitt, President of VGH, to VGH employees, April 26, 1978.
  5. Action Plan, nd.
  6. RNABC Fact Sheet, VGH, September 12. 1977-May 26, 1978.
  7. Letter to Mrs. B. Lantz from Dr. F.P. Patterson, Head, Dept. of Surgery, October 13, 1977.
  8. VGH. Strawman, Clinical Nursing Structure, September 29, 1976
  9. “What’s Wrong at VGH,” nd.
  10. Letters from the Committee of Concerned Nurses to Mrs. D. Babcock and L. Babcock, April 19, 1978.  Includes list of nurses.
  11. Letter to Betty King from Mrs. D. Babcock, May 1, 1978.
  12. Memo to Dr. G.B. Thompson from Betty King, June 28, 1978.
  13. Letter to Dr. F.P. Patterson from G.B. Thompson, August 3, 1978.
  14. Letter to Dr. F.P. Patterson from Betty King, August 2, 1978.
  15. Letter to Betty King from Dr. F.P. Patterson, August 4, 1978.
  16. Letter to Mrs. C.Y. Lim from Dr. F.P. Patterson, July 17, 1978.
  17. Handwritten notes from meetings, April-May 1978.
  18. “Nurses Seek Inquiry into VGH Situation”, May 12, 1978.
  19. “A Summary of Strivings to Control Conditions of Nursing Practice”, nd.
  20. Letter to Mr. Milton Wong, Chairman of Board of VGH, from the Committee ofConcerned Nurses, May 5, 1978.
  21. Letter to CKVU from Betty King, June 12, 1978.
  22. Letter from the Committee of Concerned Nurses to VGH Nursing Staff and Colleagues, May 5, 1978.
  23. List of Nurses
  24. “VGH Finally Boils Over”, RNABC News, August-September 1978, pp. 6-7.
  25. “Minister Acts on VGH Problems”, RNABC News, November 1978, pp. 3-5.
  26. “Nurses Fight to Improve Care at BC’s Major Referral Hospital”, RNABC News, June-July 1978, pp. 3-7.
  27. Newspaper clippings:
    1. “Three More Senior Nurses Resign”, Vancouver Sun, August 9, 1978
    2. “Another Nurse Resigns”, nd
    3. “Another VGH Nurse Resigns Predicting More Likely Soon”, nd
    4. “Neurosurgery Head Nurse Quits VGH Post”, Vancouver Sun, July 28, 1978.
    5. “Problems at VGH Blamed on Summer Staff Shortage”, Vancouver Sun, July 27, 1978.
    6. Andrea Maitland, “Air of Calm Slowly Returns to Strife-torn VGH”, Vancouver Sun, nd
    7. “Hospital ‘Routinely’ Closes 158 Beds”
    8. “Shortages Delay Surgery, Says Top Nurse Who Quit”, Vancouver Sun, July 26, 1978.
    9. “Resignations Pile Up at ‘Disastrous’ VGH, Vancouver Sun, August 9, 1978, pp A1-A2.
    10. “’Horse Sense’ Has Tamed VGH”, Vancouver Sun, August 26, 1978, pp. A1-A2.
  28. “VGH Nurses Speak Out”, Kinesis, July-August 1978, p. 4.
  29. Two photographs

Julie Roach 1927 – 2017

Roach, Julie (Sister Scholastica) (1927-2017)

  • See OH156.5

Julie was born on a Saskatchewan farm, the child of immigrants from Russia. She moved to Seattle and joined the Sisters of Providence for her novitiate and served this order for 20 years as Sister Scholastica She graduated from St Paul’s Hospital School of Nursing and  with a BASc(N) from UBC in 1959. Julie left the sisterhood in 1968. She spent her early nursing career at St. Paul’s Hospital.  In 1968 she married and spent the remainder of her career working at the Dartmouth Regional Vocational School Nova Scotia, where she taught the LPN program for 20 years. Julie was an excellent seamstress and taught sewing classes. She is survived by her husband, James, of 49 years, a son and grandchildren.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Biographical information Profile with handwritten notes
  2. Oral History Recording Agreement form
  3. Photographs:  1 b&w; 1966 St. Paul’s Hospital, OR supervisor Sr. Scholastica with
  4. latest heart   monitoring equipment; 4 colour  wedding photo 1968 and July 30, 2014.
  5. Note from Gloria Stephens, August 29, 2014.
  6. Obituary, Halifaxtoday, October 27, 2017.

Lenore Radom 1945 –

Radom, Lenore (1945-

Lenore began her nursing career as a LPN and in 1972, graduated from Royal Jubilee Hospital School of Nursing.  After graduation and subsequent employment at the Royal Jubilee Hospital, she worked at BC Children’s Hospital and Richmond General Hospital for 10 years before becoming an instructor with the Richmond School Board. Lenore served in many capacities during her seventeen years on the Richmond Delta Chapter of RNABC – was president for more than 12 years. She was awarded Honorary Membership in the RNABC in 1977.

Lenore is currently active with the BC History of Nursing Society as chair of the website committee and member of others. Her volunteer work includes teaching Breast Self-Examination. She is very proud of her aboriginal heritage. Her mother is a full status member of the Cree Nation

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Biography for Pages of History
  2. Photograph