History of the St. Paul's Hospital Operating Room Post Basic Program for Registered Nurses

This nine-page, delightfully-illustrated history of the Post-RN Program for Operating Room Nurses was written by Gloria Stephens. The highly-regarded program ran from late 1939 until 2008. Stephens directed the program from 1972 to 1996.

Professionalism & the Nursing Uniform:
Today & the Future

A study of the history of the nurses uniform was part of the University of British Columbia School of Nursing N344 syntheses project. This exhibit displays the student's examination of past and current nursing attire and how they used knowledge of the past to guide the future professional image of the nurse.

Nursing Sister's World War I Belt with Memento Badges

This display features photographs and descriptions of a Nursing Sister's leather belt studded with 17 brass badges. The belt was donated to the B.C. History of Nursing Society's Archival collection. This on-line exhibit prepared by Glennis Zilm.

The Memorial Nursing Portrait Collection

This exhibit of portrait dolls was established in 1990. The purpose of this collection was two fold: first, to raise money for the History of Nursing Scholarship fund; second, to provide a visual lasting portrait to honour a friend or family member. The memorial collection pays tribute to the nurses and events that shaped the history of nursing in British Columbia. The collection portrays nursing from the times of early aboriginal and lay nursing and the move toward the establishment of professional nursing in British Columbia. The portrait dolls are designed and dressed by Sheila J. Rankin Zerr. Photograhy and presentation design by David Roberts.

  • The Mastercopy of this collection is Archived at BCHNS Office at UBC school of Nursing.

Pageant of Nursing History:
Ancient Times to Modern Day

This exhibit honours the memory of Lois Blais, 1938-2008. Lois is fondly remembered for her many contributions to excellence in nursing practice and for her historical research and portrayal of Florence Nightingale. She could be seen at countless nursing and public gatherings in her authentic Florence Nightingale costume. This pageant of nursing history from ancient times to modern day pays tribute to the efforts Lois made to bring history alive. This portrait doll exhibit was designed and created by Sheila J. Rankin Zerr and the script developed with the assistance of Glennis Zilm. The Pageant is now on display in the UBC School of Nursing 3rd floor hallway glass cabinet.

Preserving Nursing Cultural History:
Nursing Uniforms and Professional Identity

This exhibit is a costume parade of mainly Canadian history, and closely tied to BC nursing history, illustrates some typical attire worn by nurses from the 1640s to the present. It indicates influence of women’s dress on nurses – and in some ways nurses influencing women’s dress! For this presentation we will use Mannequins only to give you the best overview of past to present. Interestingly, the study of nursing costumes reveals that nurses regularly have been in the forefront of women’s fashion and change. For the past three decades, Sheila Rankin Zerr has been looking into why and how nurses moved to traditional uniforms and then moved away from wearing them – and more recently to a resurgence of interest in uniforms for nurses.