BC History of Nursing Society Awarded Bursaries


  • Connie Lapadat: 
    • Paper: History and trend for doctoral prepared nurses in Canada.
    • School: University of British Columbia


  • Linda Lemke: 
    • Paper: Analysis of a Primary Document “This is a friendly house which will cap lives of devoted service”.
    • School: University of British Columbia


  • Lenora Marcellus: 
    • Paper: Tiny Cripples and the Sunshine of Life: 15 Years of Children’s Nursing at Vancouver Island’s Queen Alexandra Solarium 1927-1942.
    • School: University of Alberta
  • Jaclyn Madsen: 
    • Paper: Image of Nursing through History.
    • School: Kwantlen University College
  • Deborah Hamilton: 
    • Paper: The Historical development of the Critical Care Nurse.
    • School: University of British Columbia 


  • Nerrisa Bonifacio: 
    • Paper: The evolution of family visitation in the Post-Anesthetic Recovery Room.
    • School: University of British Columbia
  • Georgia Ioannou: 
    • Paper: Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Management Nurses Role in International Health Care.
    • School: Grand Canyon University, Arizona (Online Masters)


  • Erica Roberts: 
    • Paper: An oral history of nurse educator’s experiences in developing Gerontological nursing.
    • School: University of British Columbia
  • Jennifer Dunlop:
    • Paper: To provide a historical context to the current debate of the role of nurse anesthetists in Canada.
    • School: University of British Columbia


  • Margaret Scaia: 
    • Paper:  To explore and understand significant intersections between the history of women, work and motherhood as reflected in changes in the social construction of nursing during the 1960’s.
    • School: University of Victoria


  • Rosalyn Choi: 
    • Paper: The History of Deinstitutionalization and the Emergence of Survivor Groups and their Perspectives on BC Mental Health Reform.
    • School: University of BritishColumbia
  • Sara Tung: 
    • Paper: Policy Development and Cultural Change in BC Residential Elder Care: 1950-2005.
    • School: University of British Columbia
  • Nerrisa Bonifacio: 
    • Paper: History of the Post-Anaesthetic Care Unit with emphasis on the development of specialty nursing.
    • School: University of British Columbia
  • Charlene Ronquillo: 
    • Paper:  History of Immigrant Filipino nurses in Canada
    • School: University of British Columbia


  • Christine Switzer   
    • Project: Collection of documents and pictures of Mary Isabel MacDonald (1891-1970) detailing her life journey to become a nurse.
    • School: Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  •   Helen Vandenberg
    • Paper: The History of Japanese, Chinese and East Indian Health Care and Services in BC from 1880-1920.
    • School: University of British Columbia


  • Dorolen Wolfs
    • Paper: Self-Expressed Identity of BC Nurses who Commenced Their Careers in the Post WWII Period (1945-1950): A Historical Inquiry
    • School:  University of the FraserValley.


  • Lydia Wytenbroek
    • Paper:  I Don’t Think I Want a Career with this WHO: The Challenges of International Nursing as Experienced by WHO Nurse Margaret Campbell Jackson in Iran 1954-56
    • School: Trinity Western University.
  • Melissa Suzuki
    • Paper:  “Public Health Nursing Education and the Child Guidance Clinics in British Columbia 1932-1950″
    • School: Trinity Western University


  • Catherine Haney  Helen Shore Bursary
    • Paper: “The Development of Abortion Nursing in Canada with Implications of Women’s Health Today”
    • School:  UBC
  • Shari Caputo 
    • Paper: “A Social History Study on Licensed Practical Nurse Development in Western Canada”
    • School: UBC


  • Catherine Haney: Nina Rumen Bursary
    • Paper: “Towards Patient-Centered Reproductive  Healthcare in Canada”
    • School: UBC
  • Sandra Hlina
    • Paper: “To explore and understand the transition of nursing education from the hospital based model to the academic model using the biographical framework of Mary Lewis Richmond
    • School: UBC


  •  Lydia Wytenbroek 
    •  Paper PhD:  “Contested Health Care: Gender, Faith, Professionalism, Nationalism and American  Medicine in Iran 1920-1960
    • School: York University
  •  Hrag Yacoubian 
    •  Paper: To Study the Humanitarian Relief Work of Missionary Nurses to Better Understand the Role that the North American Nurses Played During and After the Armenian Genocide.
    • School: UBC-MSN


  •  Taranjot Gill   
    •  Paper: To examine what has influenced the development and current status of Public Health Nursing in BC.
    •   School: UBC-MSN.


  • Sarah Cook
  • Paper:  The historical nursing experience of the Nichols sisters in northern BC from 1921-1935
  • School: Trinity Western – Masters


    • David Yacoubian
    • Paper: Canadian nurses’ transnational leadership during the Armenian Genocide
    • School: UBC -Doctoral student

2019    The BCHNS Board changed the word Scholarship to Bursary in order to reflect the nature of the award

2020  Spring

  • David Yacoubian
  • Paper: The History of Nursing and Humanitarianism in the near East 1890-1930
  • School: UBC Doctoral Student

2020 Fall

  • Michelle Danda,
  • Paper: A Historical examination of the evolution of Psychiatric Nurse Education in BC from the years 1913-2018”
  •  School:  University of Alberta Doctoral Student.
  • Ismalia De Sousa,
  • Paper: “Black Nurses in British Columbia: Exploring Their (in)visibility between 1850 and 1940”.
  • School:  UBC Doctoral Student.

2021 Fall

  • Michelle Danda 
  • Paper: Exploring the History of Registered Psychiatric Nursing Education in British Columbia from 1913-2012
  • School:  University of Alberta Doctoral Student

2022 Fall

  • Michelle Danda
  • Paper:  Exploring the History of Registered Psychiatric Nursing Education in British Columbia from 1913-2012
  • School:  University of Alberta Doctoral Student

2023 Spring

  • Alistair White
  • Paper: The Complex Role of Public Health Nurses in the Yukon: A Historical Analysis of Gender, Race and Colonialism, 1945-1990
  • School: University of British Columbia School of Nursing