BC History of Nursing Society Awarded Bursaries


  • Connie Lapadat: 
    • Paper: History and trend for doctoral prepared nurses in Canada.
    • School: University of British Columbia


  • Linda Lemke: 
    • Paper: Analysis of a Primary Document “This is a friendly house which will cap lives of devoted service”.
    • School: University of British Columbia


  • Lenora Marcellus: 
    • Paper: Tiny Cripples and the Sunshine of Life: 15 Years of Children’s Nursing at Vancouver Island’s Queen Alexandra Solarium 1927-1942.
    • School: University of Alberta
  • Jaclyn Madsen: 
    • Paper: Image of Nursing through History.
    • School: Kwantlen University College
  • Deborah Hamilton: 
    • Paper: The Historical development of the Critical Care Nurse.
    • School: University of British Columbia 


  • Nerrisa Bonifacio: 
    • Paper: The evolution of family visitation in the Post-Anesthetic Recovery Room.
    • School: University of British Columbia
  • Georgia Ioannou: 
    • Paper: Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Management Nurses Role in International Health Care.
    • School: Grand Canyon University, Arizona (Online Masters)


  • Erica Roberts: 
    • Paper: An oral history of nurse educator’s experiences in developing Gerontological nursing.
    • School: University of British Columbia
  • Jennifer Dunlop:
    • Paper: To provide a historical context to the current debate of the role of nurse anesthetists in Canada.
    • School: University of British Columbia


  • Margaret Scaia: 
    • Paper:  To explore and understand significant intersections between the history of women, work and motherhood as reflected in changes in the social construction of nursing during the 1960’s.
    • School: University of Victoria


  • Rosalyn Choi: 
    • Paper: The History of Deinstitutionalization and the Emergence of Survivor Groups and their Perspectives on BC Mental Health Reform.
    • School: University of BritishColumbia
  • Sara Tung: 
    • Paper: Policy Development and Cultural Change in BC Residential Elder Care: 1950-2005.
    • School: University of British Columbia
  • Nerrisa Bonifacio: 
    • Paper: History of the Post-Anaesthetic Care Unit with emphasis on the development of specialty nursing.
    • School: University of British Columbia
  • Charlene Ronquillo: 
    • Paper:  History of Immigrant Filipino nurses in Canada
    • School: University of British Columbia


  • Christine Switzer   
    • Project: Collection of documents and pictures of Mary Isabel MacDonald (1891-1970) detailing her life journey to become a nurse.
    • School: Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  •   Helen Vandenberg
    • Paper: The History of Japanese, Chinese and East Indian Health Care and Services in BC from 1880-1920.
    • School: University of British Columbia


  • Dorolen Wolfs
    • Paper: Self-Expressed Identity of BC Nurses who Commenced Their Careers in the Post WWII Period (1945-1950): A Historical Inquiry
    • School:  University of the FraserValley.


  • Lydia Wytenbroek
    • Paper:  I Don’t Think I Want a Career with this WHO: The Challenges of International Nursing as Experienced by WHO Nurse Margaret Campbell Jackson in Iran 1954-56
    • School: Trinity Western University.
  • Melissa Suzuki
    • Paper:  “Public Health Nursing Education and the Child Guidance Clinics in British Columbia 1932-1950″
    • School: Trinity Western University


  • Catherine Haney  Helen Shore Bursary
    • Paper: “The Development of Abortion Nursing in Canada with Implications of Women’s Health Today”
    • School:  UBC
  • Shari Caputo 
    • Paper: “A Social History Study on Licensed Practical Nurse Development in Western Canada”
    • School: UBC


  • Catherine Haney: Nina Rumen Bursary
    • Paper: “Towards Patient-Centered Reproductive  Healthcare in Canada”
    • School: UBC
  • Sandra Hlina
    • Paper: “To explore and understand the transition of nursing education from the hospital based model to the academic model using the biographical framework of Mary Lewis Richmond
    • School: UBC


  •  Lydia Wytenbroek 
    •  Paper PhD:  “Contested Health Care: Gender, Faith, Professionalism, Nationalism and American  Medicine in Iran 1920-1960
    • School: York University
  •  Hrag Yacoubian 
    •  Paper: To Study the Humanitarian Relief Work of Missionary Nurses to Better Understand the Role that the North American Nurses Played During and After the Armenian Genocide.
    • School: UBC-MSN


  •  Taranjot Gill   
    •  Paper: To examine what has influenced the development and current status of Public Health Nursing in BC.
    •   School: UBC-MSN.


  • Sarah Cook
  • Paper:  The historical nursing experience of the Nichols sisters in northern BC from 1921-1935
  • School: Trinity Western – Masters


    • David Yacoubian
    • Paper: Canadian nurses’ transnational leadership during the Armenian Genocide
    • School: UBC -Doctoral student

2019    The BCHNS Board changed the word Scholarship to Bursary in order to reflect the nature of the award

2020  Spring

  • David Yacoubian
  • Paper: The History of Nursing and Humanitarianism in the near East 1890-1930
  • School: UBC Doctoral Student

2020 Fall

  • Michelle Danda,
  • Paper: A Historical examination of the evolution of Psychiatric Nurse Education in BC from the years 1913-2018”
  •  School:  University of Alberta Doctoral Student.
  • Ismalia De Sousa,
  • Paper: “Black Nurses in British Columbia: Exploring Their (in)visibility between 1850 and 1940”.
  • School:  UBC Doctoral Student.

2021 Fall

  • Michelle Danda 
  • Paper: Exploring the History of Registered Psychiatric Nursing Education in British Columbia from 1913-2012
  • School:  University of Alberta Doctoral Student

2022 Fall

  • Michelle Danda
  • Paper:  Exploring the History of Registered Psychiatric Nursing Education in British Columbia from 1913-2012
  • School:  University of Alberta Doctoral Student

2023 Spring

  • Alistair White
  • Paper: The Complex Role of Public Health Nurses in the Yukon: A Historical Analysis of Gender, Race and Colonialism, 1945-1990
  • School: University of British Columbia School of Nursing

2024 Spring

  • Claire Pitcher
  • Paper: 1. Analyzing how the historical & sociopolitical context in Canada has influenced the current state of nursing in the 21st century   2. examining the impact of the current nursing landscape on adolescent access to mental heath and substance use services.
  • School: University of British Columbia School of Nursing
  • Isamalia DeSousa
  • Paper:  Black Cross Nurses in Canada
  • School: University of British Columbia