Next Board of Director Meeting by Zoom   (all members welcome to attend, see note below)

June 11, 2024

Time: 1600 - 1800

Speaker:  Michelle Danda RN,PhD

Topic:   "Persistence of a separate nursing profession: exploring the ethical issues of workforce needs shaping the evolution of Registered Psychiatric Nursing (RPN) education in British Columbia"


  • NOTE:   If you are a paid up member & wish to join the meeting please contact us with your intention through the website "contact us" [ tab top right of this page] we will add your name & send you the link to invite you before 4pm to this Zoom meeting.

2024 Meeting Dates

  • September 17, 2024   Speaker: Marion Crook,  Her New Book "Always on Call" already #3 best seller

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The Canadian Association for the History of Nursing Conference [CAHN]

June 21 - 23 at St. Mary's University, Halifax

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