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Video Credit: UBC Alumni Affairs

“Working Professionalism: Nursing in Western Canada, 1958 – 1977” considered the “Dark Ages in Nursing History” Presented by: Dr. Margaret Scaia

Video Credit: UBC Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

“Accepted in the Bella Bella: A historical exemplar of a missionary nursing education in BC 1921-25” Presented by: Sarah Cook

Video Credit: BCHNS and Danielle Driscoll, UVic School Nursing

The 2020 Consortium for Nursing History Inquiry in the UBC School of Nursing Presentation:  Black (in)Visibility: Black Nurses in Canada Who Paved the Way

Presenters: Karen Flynn, Ismalia De Sousa, Dzifa Dordunoo, and Lydia Wytenbroek

Preserving Nurses Cultural History: Nursing Uniforms and Professional Identity

2021 UBC Nursing Symposium from the UBC School of Nursing Consortium for Nursing History Inquiry and the celebration of 30th Anniversary for BC History of Nursing Society

Presenters: Kathy Murphy, Geertje Boschma, Christina Bates, Margaret Scaia, Sheila Rankin Zerr, Lenore Radom