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Video Credit: UBC Alumni Affairs

“Working Professionalism: Nursing in Western Canada, 1958 – 1977” considered the “Dark Ages in Nursing History” Presented by: Dr. Margaret Scaia

Video Credit: UBC Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

“Accepted in the Bella Bella: A historical exemplar of a missionary nursing education in BC 1921-25” Presented by: Sarah Cook

Video Credit: BCHNS and Danielle Driscoll, UVic School Nursing

The 2020 Consortium for Nursing History Inquiry in the UBC School of Nursing Presentation:  Black (in)Visibility: Black Nurses in Canada Who Paved the Way

Presenters: Karen Flynn, Ismalia De Sousa, Dzifa Dordunoo, and Lydia Wytenbroek