The aim of the journal Quality Advancement in Nursing Education (QANE) is to provide a forum in which to address questions and issues related specifically to quality advancement in nursing education.

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Duncan, Susan M.; Scaia, Margaret R.; and Boschma, Geertje (2020) ““100 Years of University Nursing Education”: The Significance of a Baccalaureate Nursing Degree and Its Public Health Origins for Nursing Now,”  Quality Advancement in Nursing Education– Avancées en formation infirmière: Vol. 6: Iss. 2, Article 8.

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Cook, Sarah C. and Grypma, Sonya (2020) “Accepted in Bella Bella: A historical exemplar of a missionary nursing education, in British Columbia from 1921-1925,” Quality Advancement in Nursing Education – Avancées en formation infirmière: Vol. 6: Iss. 2, Article 10.

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Pemberton and District Museum and Archives
p80.3 Granny Taylor

Did you know that British Columbia has at least five geographical places named to honour nurses?

Read the following article from the Summer 2021 BCHNS Newsletter to learn more.

Zilm, Glennis. and Scaia, Margaret; (2021) “BC Geographical Places Named For Nurses”, BCHNS Newsletter: Vol. 32 Iss. 2. p. 16-17.



The BC History Magazine has published an article by Ethel Warbinek titled “The Unsung Women of the Penticton Hospital: Bake Sales, Operas and Sewing Bees. The Ladies’ Aid to the Penticton Hospital.” According to her proud daughter Anita “Mom became interested in the ladies who helped fundraise to build local hospitals when she was working at the Penticton Archives, and I think these words are so important: “Their efforts have now faded from public awareness—and there are no street names or city monuments to commemorate them. Married women were identified in the records of the day by their husband’s first name or initials, which made finding information on these women challenging.”

The fall issue of British Columbia History (Sept. 4, 2021) is now available digitially through Zinio. You can purchase an individual issue of the magazine and read the article if you do not subscribe to the full magazine.

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Vandenberg,H., & Boschma, G. (2021.) “The Evolution of Early Hospitals in British Columbia, 1855-1918.” BC Studies, (208). 73-162


Long before the introduction of its provincial hospital insurance plan of 1948, British Columbia was home to a diverse variety of voluntary, private, religious, and charitable hospitals. Historians have long argued that hospitals in Canada at the turn of the twentieth century transitioned from modest Victorian charity hospitals to the more scientific medical facilities we know today. Yet little is known about the diversity of hospitals established during this time. In this article, we aim to explore trends in hospital development in British Columbia from 1855 to 1918.

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