Mallory, Harriet Evelyn (1902-1993)

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Following Ethel Johns and Mabel Gray, Evelyn Mallory was the third director of UBC’s School of Nursing.  She graduated from Winnipeg General in 1925, and obtained a degree in science in 1930, later followed by a Master of Arts degree in 1950.  She became Registrar and Educational Advisor to Schools of Nursing for RNABC in 1941, and in 1943 was offered the position of associate professor and head of the nursing department at UBC, a position she held until her retirement in 1967.

Under her direction UBC separated from the Vancouver General Hospital in 1958 to become an independent school.  In 1968 she was successful in implementing a Masters’ degree in nursing.  She wrote the first extensive history of the UBC School of Nursing.

Evelyn chaired a number of committees, on which she became known for her intelligence and extensive knowledge of nursing.  She served as both second and first vice-president of CNA, and as president of RNABC.  After her retirement she moved to Vernon to be near her family. The Harriet Evelyn Mallory Memorial Scholarship was established in recognition of her remarkable contribution to nursing.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Nomination for CNA Memorial Book.
  2. UBC evaluation of faculty and staff, biographical notes, data for the academic staff records, academic and administrative executive personnel, and The Canadian Nurse journal biographical file.
  3. Evelyn Mallory, “Ward Aides and Helpers”, The Canadian Nurse (1942), 36 (9), 715- 717.
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  5. Letter from Mallory to E.B. Harkness in thanks for a retirement reception, May 29, 1967.
  6. Letter from M. Robinson to the President, Executive Director and Board of Directors of the RNABC, July 20, 1993.
  7. Notes on Evelyn Mallory by Esther Paulson, February 1993.
  8. Evelyn Mallory: Biographical information from niece Georgie Irvine.
  9. Letters from Rose Murakami concerning establishment of Harriet Evelyn Mallory Memorial Scholarship, August 5 and 9, 1993.
  10. Rose Murakami, “Mallory Scholarship fund set up”, UBC Chronicle, 1994.
  11. RNABC Annual Meeting, April 22-23, 1949.
  12. Letter from Frances Howard to Mallory re Approved Schools of Nursing in Canada, February 13, 1961.  Reply from Mallory, February 17, 1961.
  13. Letter from Gertrude Hall to Mallory re correct title and the relationship of the School of Nursing to the University, March 8, 1951.  Reply from Mallory, March 10, 1951.
  14. Letter from Mallory with attachments to Dr. C.E. Dolman, Head, Department of Nursing and Health, UBC, re Kellogg Fellowship, July 7 1949.
  15. Newspaper. Manitoba Association on Registered Nurses elects Miss Evelyn Mallory Head. (1939)
  16. Letter from Ruth Morrison to Dr. MacKenzie UBC President, January 9, 1951
  17. Nomination – RNABC Memorial Book, 1997.
  18. Two photographs
  19. In Memoriam, UBC Chronicle, n.d.
  20. Obituaries
  21. Nomination to RNABC Memorial book
  22. Biographical information
  23. “Manitoba Association of Registered Nurses Elects Miss Evelyn Mallory Head”,  April 17, 1939.
  24. Letter [from Ruth Morrisone?] to President Dr. N.A.M. MacKenzie, January 9, 1951.
  25. Letter from Mallory to E.B. Harkness in thanks for a retirement reception, May 29,1967
  26. Photographs of Evelyn Mallory:  Portrait courtesy of UBC Library Special Collections (2); in classroom (2);  at her office desk; with students Barbara Blackwood and Lauree Larsen at open house in 1955 (2).