British Columbia Nursing Artefacts

We are in the process of photographing the many nursing Artefacts and treasures that are a cherished part of our collection, which includes uniforms, war medals and equipment used in patient care.

For now, please view this small online collection.

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Replica Nightingale Lamp

A Replica of the lamp reportedly carried by Ms. Nightingale, dubbed "The Lady with the Lamp", because of her habit of making rounds to visit wounded soldiers at night.

Hospital patient feeding cup or invalid cup.

Initially used in hospitals and originated in England during World War I for injured soldiers and sailors who couldn’t sit up to feed. Donated by Joan Doree.

Nursing Caps

Photo Credit: Nan Martin BCHNS. Our collection consists of several caps from UBC and VGH as well as a military nursing sister's veil. The cap shown is from UBC (c.1960s) The demise of the Nurse's cap took place in the 1970s. You can find a wonderful online collection of preserved caps dating from 1895 - 1983 at


BCHNS Antique Silver Nursing Sisters Belt: Late Victorian or early Edwardian steel-cut silver.

Acquired by Edith Hatfield [1905-1984] as a gift from relatives in Britain; they liked to browse antique stores and sent it to her as the "nurse" in the family. Edith graduated from both UBC and VGH in 1929 and embraced the new field of provincial public health and school nursing. Photo Credit: Nan Martin. 



The plain white cup is early 20th century as is the antique porcelain "blue on white" cup made in Germany. The cup embellished with a gold rim dates from the 1930s. Photo Credit: Nan Martin.