Fairley, Grace (1881-1969)

gracefairleyGrace Fairley was born in 1881 in Scotland, where she was trained as a nurse at Swansea General Hospital before coming to Canada in 1912.  After working in Montreal at the Alexandra Hospital, as superintendent of nurses at the Hamilton General Hospital and  in 1924, in London Ontario,  she came to Vancouver to be Director of Nursing and Principal of the School at Vancouver General Hospital from 1929 until her retirement in 1943. She raised the pre-requisite standards, helped close small training schools, ended menial labour, improved working conditions by introducing the 8-hour shift and increased hours of classroom instruction. She also lobbied for a new School of Nursing Student Residence

Her many administrative positions include vice-president of the American Hospital Association from 1916-1917, president of the RNABC, third vice-president of the International Council of Nurses from 1941-1953, and president of the CNA from 1938-1943.  She received the Agnes Snively memorial medal in 1943 and a Centennial Medal in 1949.

Dr. Helen Mussallem, one of her former students, comments that she “saw the nurse’s role extending beyond the hospital, and introduced into her nursing education program many types of clinical experiences that were real innovations at that time”.

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  3. Writings by Fairley
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