Selkirk College Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Castlegar Selkirk College held their 50th anniversary [1966 – 2016]  last Fall.    It was a celebration of the College history and all programs.  A Book “Journeys Taken” by Takaia Larsen and Bob Hall was put together for the anniversary. The 2 year Nursing Program began in 1971. Many of the early Instructors retired & still live in the Castlegar area of which 2 are former BCHNS members & 1 currently,  Margaret Nicol, Kathleen Pinckney & Roberta Hamilton.  If interested in book, click on link below.

Congratulations Selkirk College!!


THEME:  “TRACING NURSES’ FOOTSTEPS: Nursing and the Tides of Change”


Due date for submission is DECEMBER 15, 2017

Where has nursing come from? What have been the ups and downs, trials and tribulations along the journey?  How have social, political and economic forces influenced the history of nursing? How were challenges met, and with passing or lasting impact? Who were the nurses that provided the foundation values and vision that established present realities, and challenges confronting nursing today? What can we take from history as it relates to the future expansion of the profession? The content of the abstract should reflect components of the program theme showing how, when and where nurses’ footsteps influenced the progressive changes in health care, policy, education and clinical practice. Abstracts on other subjects related to nursing and healthcare history would be welcomed and considered. Please submit a one page abstract (350 words max.) and a one page CV for consideration to: Dr. Margaret Scaia: [email protected]   Mailing Address: HSD A 442, School of Nursing, University of Victoria, PO Box 1700 STN CSC,  Victoria, British Columbia V8W 2Y2, Canada. For further information visit

Nina Rumen celebrates 90th Birthday

Nina Rumen celebrated her 90th birthday on Saturday October 14, 2017.  Her actual birthday was October 12th. Her sisters Vera and Olga hosted the party at the South Granville Park Lodge, Nina’s current home. Family and friends gathered to celebrate Nina’s incredible life and career. Three members of the BCHNS attended, Don Ransom, Glennis Zilm and Sheila Zerr.  Many stories were shared and Nina enjoyed the fun, presents and reminders of times past. Purple is Nina’s favorite color. The birthday cupcakes, bearing purple icing, along with the buffet of delicious food were enjoyed by all. A bouquet of flowers was presented to Nina on behalf of the BCHNS.

Book Presented to BCHNS Archives

Affiliate Member of BCHNS,Linda Quiney,  presented a copy of her book, entitled “THIS SMALL ARMY OF WOMEN” to archive committee members Nan Martin (Chair) and Ethel Warbinek, long time member of the Archive committee.  BCHNS helped sponsor the book & is happy to accept it for our Archives.  Linda has documented how 2000 Canadian & Newfoundland women known as VADS served in the First World War.  Most performed their war work across Canada & Newfoundland in Military Convalescent Hospitals, but 500 were posted over seas as “active service” VADS.

BCHNS Display at Marion Woodward Lecture

Photo credits Kathy Murphy

The UBC School of Nursing Marion Woodward Lecture & Symposium on October 5, 2017 was attended by BCHNS members participating with theme Display table designed by Nan Martin.

Guest speaker for the Lecture was Dr. Deborah Finnell from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and the topic  was “Mental Illness and Substance Use: Challenging Old and Persistent Paradigms”.


Glennis Zilm says “good bye”

Glennis Zilm attends her last meeting of the Lower mainland Branch of the BCHNS at our June 22/17 meeting.

Glennis has been a very active member, a valuable historian to our Society and will be greatly missed, although she says she plans to attend the meetings via skype from her new home in Campbell River!!!
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Clothes Tell Stories

An ‘ethnic’ souvenir for a WWI Nurse has brought the Curator at the Museum of Greek Folk Art, Athens, Greece and the BCHNS together.  Curator Eleni Papathoma, M.A. contacted the BCHNS thru “contact us” on our website enquiring about a Nursing Sister Winifred Jessie Dowding, shown in the picture, and a souvenir she bought while serving in Greece during WWI.  Papathoma at the end of her article thanks Glennis Zilm and the BC History of Nursing Society for their “immediate and illuminating” response to her questions.

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