The Award of Recognition was established by the CAHN-ACHN Board of Directors in 2018 to recognize longstanding members for their sustained and meaningful contributions or their innovative role in furthering the goals and mandate of the organization. The Award of Recognition applies to a person who has been a long-standing member of the organization and is made on the recommendation of members of the CAHN/ACHM Board.

This year’s 2023 award winner is Dr. Geertje Boschma, Professor and Associate Director, Undergraduate Programs, Nursing, University of British Columbia. Dr. Boschma leads a research program on the history of nursing and health care, with special emphasis on mental health and mental health nursing in particular the history of community-based mental health service in western Canada during the latter half of the century.
Dr. Boschma has been a member of CAHN/ACHN for more than twenty-five years. Over that time, she has mentored countless students and scholars of nursing history. In addition to her leadership in numerous conference and event planning committees, Dr. Boschma’s work has made it possible for students to attend conferences and events by building strong relationships between CAHN/ACHN and the Associated Medical Association (AMS). The AMS has provided funds for student attendance and travel, and for the Hannah Lecture. She has also played a key role, with others, in updating and broadening the criteria for student awards, including the Margaret Allemang and Vera Roberts Awards, resulting in a significant increase in the successful applications for these awards.

In 2012, Dr. Boschma, with others, established the UBC School of Nursing Consortium for Historical Inquiry in Nursing and Health Care. The Consortium serves as a resource for students and faculty to explore and examine nursing and healthcare history as well as providing links to other national nursing history associations such as the Canadian Society for Medical History.

More recently, Dr. Boschma, also a member of the BC History of Nursing Society, accepted the position of president, thus strengthening ties between the BCHNS and the UBC School of Nursing Consortium thus opening new opportunities for collaboration, scholarship, and research nationally and internationally.

Thank you Geertje for your contributions to the many organizations that have benefited from your wisdom, perseverance, and engagement with everything you are involved with.

Margaret Scaia, Chair, Scholarship and Awards Committee




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