Uprichard, Muriel (1911-1995)

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Never a nurse, Muriel Uprichard started her working life as a teacher.  During the Depression she taught in Saskatchewan schools, following which she studied at Queens University, receiving her BA in 1943, and subsequently her MA from Smith College.  She went to England on a British Council Scholarship, and received her PHd in educational psychology magna cum laude from the University of London in 1947.

On her return to Canada in 1948 she joined the Red Cross, and began to work as well with the Canadian Nurses’ Association.  She was a consultant to the CNA from 1950 to 1955 on an experiment to improve patient care.  A decade teaching at the University of Toronto was followed by teaching at the University of California’s School of Nursing from 1965 to 1971.  She was Director of the UBC School of Nursing from 1971 to 1977, tumultuous years in education; Ethel Warbinek describes her as “a woman of vision and a great conceptualizer and innovator”.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Correspondence between Dr. Uprichard and Beth McCann, 1971.
  2. Letter from Miss F.A. Kennedy, executive director of the Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia, 1971.
  3. Memos re visit by Dr. Uprichard to UBC School of Nursing, 1971.
  4. Letter from Sheila M. Stanton to School of Nursing Faculty, November 30, 1976.
  5. Letter from Judith M. MacDonald to Uprichard family, December 11, 1995.
  6. Two photographs
  7. Curriculum Vitae
  8. Information related to Canadian JuniorRed Cross. – 1948-1993.
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