Trout, Margaret Ferne (1919-2006)

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Ferne  Trout was born in Arcola, Saskatchewan, growing up in various parts of British Columbia.  She attended UBC where she received her Bachelor of Arts in 1939, a diploma from VGH in 1942  and her Bachelor of Applied Science in Nursing from UBC in 1944.  Later she received a Diploma in Hospital Administration from the University of Toronto (1964).  During her UBC training she contracted tuberculosis and was hospitalized in Tranquille for six months, after which she ran the new affiliation program with the Division of TB control.

Her numerous positions included a year at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, itinerant instructor for the RNABC, Assistant Director of Nursing at the new Pearson Hospital in Vancouver, Educational Director of the Royal Inland Hospital, and Associate Executive Director for the Canadian Council on Hospital Accreditation.  Her final positions were Director of Patient Services at Shaughnessy Hospital in Vancouver from 1978-1980, and Director of Special Projects at the Vancouver General Hospital from 1980-1983.  After her retirement in 1983, her active life included taking a safari to Africa in her 80s.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Biographical Information Profile
  2. Biographical release form
  3. Biographical referral form
  4. Career autobiography of Ferne Trout.
  5. Biography from “1940’s Amazing Alumni Stories” on Internet
  6. Transcript of 1983 Oral History Interview by Audrey Stegen, March 4, 1993.
  7. Articles by Fern Trout
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    9. “Open Heart Surgery”, 1998.
    10. “Memories of Nursing in British Columbia 1919-2006”.
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  12. Correspondence between Ferne Trout and Glennis Zilm, 1998-2005.
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  14. Miscellaneous correspondence and other materials, 2006-2009.
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  18. Obituary
  19. Funeral program