Gray, Mabel (1880-1976)

See Mabel Gray fonds in the UBC Archives

mabelgray2Mabel Gray was born near Brampton and taught school before entering nursing.  She enrolled at the Training School for Nurses of the Winnipeg General Hospital in 1902, remaining on staff after graduation.   In 1914 she became superintendent and principal of the School of Nursing at Winnipeg General Hospital.

Mabel went on to become Assistant Professor and Head of Nursing at UBC from 1925-1941.  With Margaret Kerr she enabled the school to survive during the Depression; for several years the two of them carried the entire teaching load.  She was also active in professional organizations, serving as president of the CNA for one year, and of the RNABC from 1933 to 1939.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Materials in support of her nomination to the CNA Memorial Book, with photocopied photograph.
  2. Street, M.  “The Mabel F. Gray Papers in The Library of the University of British Columbia”, Special Collections Division, 1977.
  3. Gray, Mabel F.  “The Place of the Public Health Nurse in Epidemiology,” The   Canadian Nurse 23 (12), 641-648.
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  5. “Miss Gray Retires,” The Canadian Nurse 37 (11), (1941), 755-756.
  6. Five letters between Beatrice Fines seeking, on behalf of the Manitoba Association of
    • Registered Nurses to write its history, and Margaret Street, Sheila Stanton and Muriel
    • Uprichard of the School of Nursing, 1976.  An obituary notice from The Western News, August 16, 1976, is attached.
  7. Paulson, Esther, “Recollections of Mabel Gray”, February 3, 1993.
  8. B&w photograph