Breeze, Elizabeth G. (1881-1938)

elizabethbreeze0012Breeze graduated from the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto; she received additional training in affiliated schools and Roosevelt Hospital in New York. In 1910 she initiated the school nursing service in Vancouver and in 1923 became Director of Nursing for the Metropolitan Health Committee of Greater Vancouver, a position she held until her death.

She was a charter member of the Graduate Nurses’ Association of BC, becoming elected president in 1921, and president of RNABC from 1921 to 1925. In 1923 she was elected president of the Public Health Nursing Section of the Canadian National Association of Trained Nurses. In 1936, when the Metropolitan Heath Committee of Greater Vancouver was formed, she was named Director of Public Health Nursing.

With J. Mace Andress she was co-author of Health Care for Canadian Schools, which was in use for more than twenty years after her death. In 1925 she introduced a course on health for school children at UBC’s summer school for teachers.

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