Trethewey (nee Ogle), Mary Ann (1834-1908)

  • See Cora Trethewey Biographical File

Born in England, Mary Ann was hired in 1855 as a certified nurse to care for Eliza Trethewey of Crich, England, and came to Canada in the same year.  Her family were pioneer farmers in Ontario, where Mary Ann resumed nursing.  In 1882 she came to BC, where she was hired by the CPR as a nurse.

In 1884 she advertised her services as a “duly qualified and certificated nurse”, and took in patients for nursing care at a nursing home that included a store and small hotel on the banks of the Fraser just below Mission.  For many years she was the only nurse in the area.  Cora Trethewey (see above) was her granddaughter.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Nomination of Mary Ann Trethewey for the Memorial Book, including resume/timeline and Marcellus, Catherine, “Mary Ann Trethewey:  Mission’s First Nurse.”
  2. Photograph