Capelle, Pauline “Polly” (1906-1991)

Following her graduation from UBC with a BA and BASC(N),  Pauline became a nursing supervisor with the BC Division of Venereal Disease Control.  In 1944 she was appointed an instructor and supervisor of public health nursing field work at UBC.  She took her Masters, majoring in pediatrics.

She writes in 1955-56:  “Nursing students and educators recognize that the nurse of today needs knowledge and skills that will prepare her for nursing in a world where the key words are change and adjustment.”

Contents of Biographical File

1. Letter from niece, Pauline Hodgos, to Rose Murikami, August 9, 1993 with biographical information

2. Biographical information
3. Transcript of conversation with Rose Murakami, July 12, 1993.
4. Three articles by Capelle:

a. “Why I Chose Nursing”, The Canadian Nurse, October 1947, pp. 777-778

b. “The Nurse and Venereal Disease Control,”  The Canadian Nurse, July 1944, pp. 487-489.

c. “Nursing for our Times”, The Slipstick (Engineering Undergraduate Society of UBC), 1956, p. 86.

4.  “Interesting people.”  Pauline Capelle, The Canadian Nurse, October 1944, p. 793.