Marlyn McLean

McLean (nee Gunderson), Marlyn (1933-

Marlyn McLean

See also oral history files Fonds 18, Series 3, Subseries 8, AU0H29, CDOH38

After attending the Saskatoon City Hospital School of Nursing, Marlyn McLean spent most of her career (1963-1965 and 1969-1993) as a flight nurse for the Saskatchewan Government Air Ambulance Service.  She was required to be ready 24 hours a day to fly from the Saskatoon base to any point in Saskatchewan, and even further afield, to transport patients to medical care in a larger urban centre.  Her many adventures included four successful baby deliveries en route.    On one occasion they survived an encounter with a flock of geese, one of which went through the windshield.

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