Warbinek, Ethel

Ethel received her RN from VGH School of Nursing in 1956 and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UBC the next year, later followed by a Master of Science in Nursing from UBC in 1970.   She taught for extended periods at VGH and UBC.

At UBC she taught adult care nursing and clinical courses with a special interest and expertise in peripheral vascular nursing.  She was coordinator of undergraduate courses in second and fourth year, and was active on numerous committees and professional organizations.  She was an active member of the RNABC and is a member of the BC History of Nursing Society.

Ethel published numerous articles and two books:  Legacy:  History of Nursing Education at the University of British Columbia 1919-1994 and Richmond-Delta Chapter History 1967-1997:  Thirty Years of Professional Growth.

Contents of Biographical File

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