Hargrove (nee Pound), Margery

Margery Hargrove was born in Tzeluitsing, China, her parents United Church missionaries.  Her family returned to Canada, and she received her RN from Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops in 1940, receiving a Medal for Ethics Award on graduation.  She worked as a graduate nurse in the United Church Mission Hospitals in Bella Bella and Powell River, bringing medical care to canneries and other settlements by boat.  She did not nurse from 1948-1970 because of raising four children.  In the 1970s she worked part-time in extended care in Powell River.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Biographical Information Profile
  2. Letter dated September 4, 2004, from Glennis Zilm to Jennifer Carpenter, Director of Heiltsuk Cultural Education Centre.
  3. Background to the Margery Pound Hargrove materials
  4. Two letters from Hargrove to Glennis Zilm, n.d., October 3, 1991.
  5. Hargrove, Marjory, “Nursing at Rivers Inlet”, History of Nursing News, October 2004, pp. 14-15.
  6. Hargrove, Marjory, “Nursing at Bella Bella and Rivers Inlet.”
  7. “My Nursing Days”