Woollam (nee Mack)  Mary (1910-2012)

Mary Mack took her nursing training at VGH from 1930-1932, often working a night shift from 7 pm to 7 am and then attending classes the next day.  She was drawn to Public Health because of her concern with the numerous poor, taking this course at UBC.  She worked in TB control until her marriage.

She returned to nursing in 1955 in Enderby, administering polio injections and working actively in schools in immunization and public health.  She was also a promoter of preventative medicine and active in rural and environmental issues.  Her proudest moment was the designation of the Cliff as a provincial park.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Transcript of interview September 12, 1988. No recording of this interview could be found in CRNBC June 14, 2013.
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  3. Recollections by Mary Woollam