Paulson, Esther (1906-2004)

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Esther Paulson was born in New Westminster on April 9.  She graduated from the Royal Columbian Hospital School of Nursing in 1928 and began her lifelong interest in tuberculosis as a staff nurse in the Tuberculosis building at the Royal Columbian Hospital.  In 1940, she joined the Metropolitan Health Committee in Vancouver, and in 1942 was on loan to the Division of Tuberculosis Control. One year later, she was appointed Director of Nursing for the province, overseeing nursing care for patients in Vancouver, Victoria, and Tranquille.  Her career in TB nursing continued until she retired in 1966 from being Director of Nursing at Pearson Hospital.

After retirement, Esther remained an active member of the Registered Nurses’ Association of BC, holding offices of secretary, Vice President and President (1951-1953).  She received the Centennial medal in 1967 for her contributions to the control of tuberculosis in Canada, and an Honorary Life Membership in the Canadian Lung Association for her leadership in the advancement of TB nursing in Canada.  Esther published numerous articles on TB nursing and professional issues in journals such as The Canadian Nurse and RNABC News.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Biographical Information Profile
  2. Transcript of interview with Irene Goldstone February 21, 1987.
  3. Transcript of interview by Ethel Warbinek October 1992.
  4. Transcript of interview by Ethel Warbinek, February 3, 1993.
  5. Biographical information, UBC School of Nursing History Project, March 1993.
  6. Autobiography, 1993.
  7. Letter from Mabel Gray to Paulson, August 16, 1933.
  8. Letter congratulating Paulson for winning $20 Provincial Board of Health Prize in nursing.
  9. Letter from Esther Paulson August 7, 1940 with reply by Amy Edwards, Supervisor Welfare Field Service.
  10. Letter from Alice Wright June 29, 1953.
  11. Letter from Dr. Taylor, Deputy Minister of Health, June 24, 1966.
  12. Awards received:
    1. Photocopied UBC diploma in Public Health nursing, 1934.
    2. Provincial Board of Health Prize in Nursing, 1934.
    3. Photocopy of Paulson notice of award of a Canadian Centennial Medal, July1, 1967.
    4. Photocopies of Honorary Life Membership Certificate, letter, and dedication from the Canadian Tuberculosis Association, 1968.
    5. Honorary life memberships, RNABC History of Nursing Group, April 19, 1994, and the Canadian Tuberculosis Association.
  13. Articles by Paulson
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  20. List of donations to RNABC Archives
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  25. Obituaries
  26. Photographs: Paulson’s graduation, photocopied; ca. 1950; 1953; 1987; colour (1998).
  27. Exhibit Materials
  28. Seven digital photographs, some with notes, of Paulson’s early nursing. (On