UBC School of Nursing Awards to BCHNS Members

Beth Fitzpatrick and Irene Goldstone, both BCHNS members received prestigious awards from UBC School of Nursing Thurs eve. May 8th.

Beth the  “Award of Recognition.” for the UBC 2014 School of Nursing alumni division, Congratulations Beth!

Irene Goldstone BCHNS May 2014Irene Goldstone the “The UBC Nursing Partnership Award”  which is awarded at the discretion of the Director of the School to non-alumni who have made significant contributions to nursing and to the School.   Congratulations Irene!

Photo Credit: UBC School Nursing
Irene Goldstone BCHNS May 2014

The Inmates are running the Asylum: Stories from the early days of the Vancouver Mental Patient’s Association

Interested students, faculty and the wider UBC School of Nursing community are invited to attend the showing of a documentary film about the early days of the Vancouver Mental Patient’s Association (MPA). The presentation will take place on Monday, February 24th, 1-2:30 in the UBC School of Nursing, UBC Hospital in room T182.

The documentary is about the early days of the MPA, a group that was formed in 1971 by former mental patients, activist health care workers and allies. Members of the founding group were instrumental in making the film which will be introduced by the executive producer and visiting Professor Dr. Megan Davies from York University.  A panel discussion follows the film and includes founding member Jackie Hooper who will answer questions. 

Successful Consortium held at UBC

Laurie Meijer Drees & Sonya GrypmaThe first Consortium for Historical Inquiry in Nursing and Health Care, organized by Dr.Geertje Boschma, with generous support from patron & Associate Professor Emerita Helen Shore, proved a very successful event Thurs. Nov 21,2013.

Dr.Sonya Grypma presented on her new book “China Interrupted – Japanese internment and the reshaping of a Canadian missionary community”, and Laurie Meijer Drees presented on her new book “Healing histories: Stories from Canada’s Indian hospitals”  Geertje opened the event with “Historical nursing knowledge: why we need it”.

PhD Student Poster Award Winners: 

  • Catherine Haney: “Considering Oral History: Methodological questions & reflections”
  • Helen Vandenberg: “From Methodist Mission to Modern Hospital: The History of Steveston’s Japanese Hospital:1895-1942”
  • Jennifer Stephens: “Transforming Maggie May to Miss Pu: Neoculturalism Through Missionary Nursing in North China, 1924-1943”

BC History of Nursing Society Hycroft Mansion High Tea Event


Cathie Borrie RN,BSN,MPH,LLB with Actress,Patti Allen

On  March  22  at  Hycroft  Mansion,  History  of  Nursing  members  and  guests  enjoyed  a  memorable  and  sensitive  performance  of  a  lyrical  memoir  titled  Mind  and  Memory: You  say  Goodbye,  I  Say  Hello.  Actors  Cathie Borrie (daughter)  and  Patti  Allen (mother),  portrayed  the  “spiritual,  emotional  and  intellectual  revelations  made  possible  by  a  mind  transformed  by  Alzheimer’s”.

Delicious refreshments & silent auction were enjoyed by all.

Cathie  Borrie  is  the  author  of  the  book  “The Long Hello” available at: www.cathieborrie.com