Book Presented to BCHNS Archives

Affiliate Member of BCHNS,Linda Quiney,  presented a copy of her book, entitled “THIS SMALL ARMY OF WOMEN” to archive committee members Nan Martin (Chair) and Ethel Warbinek, long time member of the Archive committee.  BCHNS helped sponsor the book & is happy to accept it for our Archives.  Linda has documented how 2000 Canadian & Newfoundland women known as VADS served in the First World War.  Most performed their war work across Canada & Newfoundland in Military Convalescent Hospitals, but 500 were posted over seas as “active service” VADS.

BCHNS Display at Marion Woodward Lecture

Photo credits Kathy Murphy

The UBC School of Nursing Marion Woodward Lecture & Symposium on October 5, 2017 was attended by BCHNS members participating with theme Display table designed by Nan Martin.

Guest speaker for the Lecture was Dr. Deborah Finnell from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and the topic  was “Mental Illness and Substance Use: Challenging Old and Persistent Paradigms”.


Glennis Zilm says “good bye”

Glennis Zilm attends her last meeting of the Lower mainland Branch of the BCHNS at our June 22/17 meeting.

Glennis has been a very active member, a valuable historian to our Society and will be greatly missed, although she says she plans to attend the meetings via skype from her new home in Campbell River!!!
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Clothes Tell Stories

An ‘ethnic’ souvenir for a WWI Nurse has brought the Curator at the Museum of Greek Folk Art, Athens, Greece and the BCHNS together.  Curator Eleni Papathoma, M.A. contacted the BCHNS thru “contact us” on our website enquiring about a Nursing Sister Winifred Jessie Dowding, shown in the picture, and a souvenir she bought while serving in Greece during WWI.  Papathoma at the end of her article thanks Glennis Zilm and the BC History of Nursing Society for their “immediate and illuminating” response to her questions.

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UBC Hall Display: Ethel Johns being honoured

Ethel Johns, the first Nursing Director of the University of British Columbia School of Nursing will soon be honoured by the placement of a permanent plaque in a selected garden at UBC.

The new display in the UBC display case of the School of Nursing, prepared by Cheryl Entwistle, Chair of Displays, shows our appreciation and recognition of  Johns’ contributions and early work in establishing the Nursing Program.

Look for the date to be posted on the EVENTS PAGE of this website when we are made aware of this event.


A New Addition

The UBC School of Nursing Historical Collection Fond, 1921-2004 has been added to the website. There are some historical photos included and the complete fonds can be downloaded. To find the Collection go to Archives, archival fonds, and click on the UBC School of Nursing Historical Collection.

May 12, 2017 Florence Nightingale Tea

The PARC Retirement Living honoured all 33 of their Resident nurses ranging from the classes of 1938 to 1971. Our very own BCHNS member, Cheryl Entwistle, to the delight of the all, attended the “Nightingale Tea” in the 1905 RJH walking out costume. The message to these elderly nurses was a quote from Florence Nightingale “Let us never consider ourselves finished nurses…we must be learning all of our lives”  Continue reading