Harriet ‘Hallie’ Jennie Todd Sloan, C.M., C.D., B.N., Lt Col (Retired),passed away peacefully at home in Ontario on January 21 2016, her 99th birthday.

Photo Credit: From Google images
Photo Credit: From Google images

Born in Winnipeg, she grew up in Saskatoon and graduated in 1939 from the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing. She enlisted in the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps and served overseas in France during World War II in the 8th Canadian General Hospital.

After D-Day, she participated in the liberation of Belgium and the Netherlands, and chose to remain in the Army to serve during peacetime. She rose to the rank of Matron-in-Chief of the Canadian Forces Medical Services. After retiring from the military, she began a second career with the Canadian Nurses Foundation.

Hallie was a tireless volunteer supporting veteran’s health care and the Nursing Sister’s Association of Canada. She was privileged to participate in several pilgrimages commemorating WWII Campaigns in Asia and Europe. In 2004, she was awarded the Order of Canada in recognition of her outstanding leadership for 50 years and advancing military nursing and patient care. She was also a Dame of the Order of St. John and last year as a D-Day veteran received the Legion of Honour.

Hallie remained close to her BC ties and was a long-time member of the BC History of Nursing Society and kept in touch with several of our members.

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