We are pleased to announce the appointment of our new Archivist, Francis Mansbridge, who will commence work the last week of June.

Francis has an impressive work experience. He received a PhD in English at the University of Ottawa and taught English for many years at the college level. After studying in the Archival programme at UBC, he was appointed archivist for North Vancouver from 1994-2006. He now does contract work and has written three books: Vancouver Then and Now, Hollyburn: The Mountain and the City, and Launching History based on the history of the Burrard Dry Dock. It won the BC Lieutenant-Governor’s award for history in 2002.  His newest book about the history of West Vancouver will be launched on Sept.15.
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  1. Is Francis Mansbridge still there? While looking for the poetry of Raymond souster. I found and downloaded his PhD thesis on Raymond. Just thought he might get a kick out of it and to complement his tastes.
    Rex Lafranchise

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