Tribute to Stephany Grasset  1931 – 2022

Born in Bulgaria, Stephany studied philosophy and history at the Sorbonne in 1949.  She immigrated to the US, and from there to Canada in 1961.  She graduated with a BSc from Louisiana State University in 1953, and from UBC in Public Health Nursing in 1968.  Her many positions have included adolescent counselling, instructor in nursing, and district nurse for the VON.  She has also been a nurse practitioner and Public Health nurse.  She regards her internship in the Palliative Care Hospice at Victoria General Hospital in Montreal as a highlight in her career.

In the latter part of her career, especially, she was involved in work, research and teaching in the psychiatric field, especially at UBC and BCIT.  From 1977-1985 she instructed in the Psychiatric Nursing program at BCIT, during which time she also lectured in UBC’s SON and other institutions.  In 1985-1986 she consulted in Psychiatric and Geriatric Nursing for the WHO in Barbados.  From 1989 she instructed in Acute Psychiatric Nursing in BCIT’s RN diploma program.  She was President of RNABC in 1980-1981.

Stephany passed away peacefully on March 17 and is survived by her children Antoinette and Stephen and grandson Rylan.  She’ll be remembered for being well read and outspoken.   She also had a unique ability to meet and surround herself with a diverse circle of good friends. Her amazing hospitality and the wonderful foods she lovingly prepared will be very fondly remembered and missed by all.

We are grateful to Stephen Grasset for notifying us of his mother’s passing, for this photo and message.