On May 12, 2018  the Vancouver Island University hosted & co-sponsored the Fashion Show Parade of past and present nursing costumes and uniforms called  “Dressing Up History: nurses uniforms and professional identity”

The BCHNS received the invitation through long time member Sheila Zerr from  Cheryl Warsh, Professor of the Department of History at the VIU.  Sheila has created a collection of uniforms & costumes represented through the ages which she has used  to teach “history of nursing”.  The event was moderated by long time member Glennis Zilm.  Models were students & faculty of VIU and members of the BCHNS.

Photo Credits: Michelle Eng, Cheryl Entwistle,Kathy Murphy, Stephanie Buckingham, and Sue Forshaw.





  1. I would like to thank everyone for keeping alive the BCHNS . I enjoy reading all that’s happening within the nursing profession. I spent my entire life living iwithin the nursing profession maybe I should have followed in my mother’s and grandmothers foot steps. I don’t know how my mother was able to do it with 4 children to bring up and me the absolute wild one of the family . I never knew just what my mother did all her life literally until I read about her. Thanks to all in the nursing community your work is well needed and appreciated
    Capt. Dave DuGas son of the late Dr. Beverly Witter DuGas

  2. Just reviewed the photos of your interesting collection of nursing costumes. Great. GZ July 2018

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