Johns, Ethel (1879-1968)

See also the Ethel Johns fonds in the UBC Archives

See Margaret Street, Watch-Fires on the Mountains:  The Life and Writings of  Ethel Johns (in archives library)

Ethel Johns spent her early life in North Wales, as an adolescent accompanying her parents to the Wabigoon Indian reserve in northern Ontario.  She attended the Winnipeg General Hospital Training School for Nurses, and worked at various nursing positions before becoming superintendent of The Children’s Hospital of Winnipeg in 1915.

Attendance at Columbia University in 1914 had convinced her that the goal for nursing education should be affiliation with a university.  In 1919, Ethel Johns received a joint appointment as Superintendent of Nurses at VGH and the first Director of the Department of Nursing at UBC, where she implemented a strong, science-based liberal education. Under her guidance, the five year program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing was established. She resigned in 1925 and  after some years in the US, she returned to Canada in 1933, where she became editor and business manager of The Canadian Nurse until her retirement in 1944.  She received the Agnes Snively Memorial Medal in 1940 and an honorary Doctor of Laws from Mount Allison University in 1948.  Her writings include three books, sixteen pamphlets, and more than one hundred articles and editorials.  In 2009 she was designated a National Historic Person of Canada.

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