Sunday Sept 20, 2015 BCHNS celebrated 25 years of success at the Hycroft Mansion in Vancouver, President Kathy Murphy was the gracious hostess and thoroughly enjoyed by 42 guests.

Nora Whyte who had been the speaker at the inaugural meeting of the BC History of Nursing Group, as known then, brought greetings with a lovely synopsis of the 25 growing years of our group.

Other Greetings were read by Kathy Murphy from the CAHN President & RJH Alumni as well as the President of Hycroft.

Joan Andrews, the past Librarian of CRNBC was recognized for her faithful support & assistance thru the 25 years.

Sheila Zerr, one of the founding members of BC History of Nursing was awarded Honourary Membership for her dedication to BCHNS

And finally a splendid presentation by Honourary Member Glennis Zilm “Nursing in the Battlefields”