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  • Nursing vintage equipment
  • War medals / badges
  • 1883 Royal Red Cross, Boer War and World War One medals
    1883 Royal Red Cross, Boer War and World War One medals
  • 1971 Order of Canada medal
    1971 Order of Canada medal
  • 1919 World War One medals
    1919 World War One medals
  • Enamelware funnels, measuring jug, kidney basin, dressings tray and container
    Enamelware funnels, measuring jug, kidney basin, dressings tray and container
  • Early twentieth century enamelware jug and basin
    Early twentieth century enamelware jug and basin
  • Dorothy Ladner
    Dorothy Ladner
  • Marjorie Laisnes
    Marjorie Laisnes
  • Anna Lam
    Anna Lam
  • Geraldine Langton
    Geraldine Langton
  • Joan Lansdell
    Joan Lansdell
  • Virginia Lapointe
    Virginia Lapointe
  • Hilda Lavoie
    Hilda Lavoie
  • Jessie Law
    Jessie Law
  • Eleanor Lawson
    Eleanor Lawson
  • Nancy Lee
    Nancy Lee
  • Edith Lees
    Edith Lees
  • Chris Lemphers
    Chris Lemphers
  • Mary Lewis
    Mary Lewis
  • Clara Lim
    Clara Lim
  • Dorothy Logan
    Dorothy Logan
  • Marjorie Low
    Marjorie Low
  • Lillian Lum
    Lillian Lum
  • Margaret Mainwaring
    Margaret Mainwaring
  • Evelyn Mallory
    Evelyn Mallory
  • Nan Martin
    Nan Martin
  • Jean Matheson
    Jean Matheson
  • Kathy Matusiak
    Kathy Matusiak
  • Katharyn May
    Katharyn May
  • Jessie Middleton
    Jessie Middleton
  • Naomi Miller
    Naomi Miller
  • Marie Montgomery
    Marie Montgomery
  • Kari Moore
    Kari Moore
  • Ruth Morrison
    Ruth Morrison
  • Rose Murakami
    Rose Murakami
  • Kathleen Murphy
    Kathleen Murphy
  • Helen Mussallem
    Helen Mussallem
  • Gwendolynne Kavanagh
    Gwendolynne Kavanagh
  • Ellen Keays
    Ellen Keays
  • Catharine Keith
    Catharine Keith
  • Shirley Kelly
    Shirley Kelly
  • Nan Kennedy
    Nan Kennedy
  • Dorothy Kergin
    Dorothy Kergin
  • Margaret Kerr
    Margaret Kerr
  • Mary Kersey
    Mary Kersey
  • Dolores Kilpatrick
    Dolores Kilpatrick
  • Heather Kilpatrick
    Heather Kilpatrick
  • Helen King
    Helen King
  • Elinor Knudson
    Elinor Knudson
  • May Komiyama
    May Komiyama
  • Eleanor Kunderman
    Eleanor Kunderman
  • Margaret Johnson
    Margaret Johnson
  • Rose Jones
    Rose Jones
  • Catherine Renee Jensen
    Catherine Renee Jensen
  • Ethel Johns
    Ethel Johns
  • Esther Gardom
    Esther Gardom
  • Helen Gemeroy
    Helen Gemeroy
  • Janet Gormick
    Janet Gormick
  • Eleanor Graham
    Eleanor Graham
  • Stephany Grasset
    Stephany Grasset
  • Mabel Gray
    Mabel Gray
  • Monica Green
    Monica Green
  • Helen Grice
    Helen Grice
  • Jean Griffith
    Jean Griffith
  • Sheila Dawn Early
    Sheila Dawn Early
  • Catherine Ebbehoj
    Catherine Ebbehoj
  • Kathleen Ellis
    Kathleen Ellis
  • Grace Fairley
    Grace Fairley
  • Helen Faulkner
    Helen Faulkner
  • Margaret Faulkner
    Margaret Faulkner
  • Margaret Foreham
    Margaret Foreham
  • Jean Fernie
    Jean Fernie
  • Norma Fieldhouse
    Norma Fieldhouse
  • Beth Fitzpatrick
    Beth Fitzpatrick
  • Barbara Anderson
    Barbara Anderson
  • Hazel Hope Anderson
    Hazel Hope Anderson
  • Maude Anderson
    Maude Anderson
  • Monica Angus
    Monica Angus
  • Dr. Carolyn Attridge
    Dr. Carolyn Attridge
  • Patricia Barff
    Patricia Barff
  • Dr. Alice J Baumgart
    Dr. Alice J Baumgart
  • Olga Belecky
    Olga Belecky
  • Ellen Benedict
    Ellen Benedict
  • Angela Berg
    Angela Berg
  • Phyllis Bernez
    Phyllis Bernez
  • Lois Blais
    Lois Blais
  • Vivian Blake
    Vivian Blake
  • Marion Boyle
    Marion Boyle
  • Elizabeth Breeze
    Elizabeth Breeze
  • Sharley Brown
    Sharley Brown
  • James Bullen
    James Bullen
  • Helen Campbell
    Helen Campbell
  • Joyce Campbell
    Joyce Campbell
  • Margaret Campbell
    Margaret Campbell
  • Mary Campbell
    Mary Campbell
  • Joyce Campkin
    Joyce Campkin
  • Pauline Capelle
    Pauline Capelle
  • Barbara Carroll
    Barbara Carroll
  • Joan  Carruthers
    Joan Carruthers
  • Anne Cavers
    Anne Cavers