Maude Anderson (1915-1995)

Anderson (nee Dolphin) Maude Irene (1915-1995)

mandersonMaude Anderson received her Diploma in Nursing from the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal in 1944 and a Bachelor of Nursing from McGill in 1947.  From 1947-1953 she taught at the Vancouver General School of Nursing.  From 1953 to 1959 she worked with the World Health Organization to modernize health delivery systems and establish schools of nursing in Dacca, Pakistan and Mauritius.  She obtained her Masters of Nursing degree from the University of Seattle and from 1961-1966 was Director of Nursing at Nanaimo General Hospital.

She was Director of Nursing at Maple Ridge Hospital from 1973-1980 and active on numerous RNABC committees.  In 1989 she was awarded the RNABC Award of Excellence in Nursing Administration for her work as an administrator, consultant, educator, lecturer and conference leader.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Biographical Information Profile with signed release
  2. Summary of Anderson’s Nursing and Professional experience
  3. Nomination for RNABC Memorial Book
  4. Award of Excellence article and photograph in RNABC News, May-June 1989
  5. Brief biography on occasion of election to 1980 Board
  6. One photograph (1996)

Monica Angus (1932-

Angus (nee McArdle), Monica

Monica Angus practiced as a clinical psychologist from 1981, particularly in forensic psychology.  Prior to this she received her RN from St. Paul’s Hospital, M.A.s in Education and psychology, and a Ph.d. from Simon Fraser University in 1978.  While she initially worked in pediatrics, she found that after she had children nursing was incompatible with a family life.

Her many activities have included being on the Department of Labour Board of Inquiry, and consultancies including Riverview Mental Hospital, Worker’s Compensation Board, Canada EAP Services Ltd., Corporate Health Consultants. Manulife, and the RCMP.  Her committee service has included being both Vice-President and President of RNABC.  She has numerous publications and has received a number of awards, including two Alice E. Wilson awards from the Canadian Federation of University Women.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Biographical Information Profile with signed release.
  2. Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Carolyn Attridge (1936-2010)

Attridge, Dr. Carolyn

attridgeCarolyn Attridge received degrees in nursing, pediatrics, and a Ph.d. in Curriculum and Instruction.  She taught nursing at Ryerson Polytechnic, one of three offering the first educational program without any direct link to the traditional practice field of hospital nursing.  She joined the School of Nursing program at the University of Victoria in 1981, offering programs that allowed nurses to complete their B.A.s in their own communities. Later on, she became Director of the School of Nursing

Her research included pioneering studies of the quality of nursing working life, and as the principal investigator on the evaluation team that examined the Comox Valley Nursing Center.  She was a past president of WRCAUSN and received an Award of Distinction from the RNABC in 1999.  She was known for her novel ideas and as a tireless educational innovator.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Biography
  2. 4 photographs

Patricia Barff (1910-1987)

Barff, Patricia (1910-1987)

barffPatricia Barff was born in Shanghai and was sent to Victoria BC for her schooling. She graduated from the Vancouver General HospitalSchool of Nursing in1931. On graduation she worked first as a pediatric head nurse and then as a night supervisor until 1959. Subsequently she worked for a few years at Cedarhurst, a small private hospital in Surrey BC, although her activity was limited by herRheumatoid Arthritis.

Contents of Biographical File

  • “A Life in Letters” by Glennis Zilm, describing Pat Barff’s letters about her nursing career 1928-1977 to a friend. Originals at VGH SON Alumnae Association Archives.
  • Two photographs, one dated 1931. Copies of each.

Dr. Alice J Baumgart

Baumgart, Dr. Alice J.

Alice Baumgart graduated from the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing in 1957 and from University of British Columbia School of Nursing in 1958 and later received a Masters degree from McGill and a Ph.d. from The University of Toronto. She was Dean of Nursing at Queens University from 1977 to 1988 and 1994 to 1997. From 1988 to 1993 she served as Vice-Principal (Human Services), the first woman appointed Vice-Principal in the history of Queens. After retirement she became professor emeritus at Queens.

Baumgart is an internationally known nursing leader who has been a frequent keynote speaker at many conferences. She has published widely on nursing, including the co-editing of Canadian Nursing Faces the Future.She was known as an able and fair administrator with exemplary leadership skills. She received an honorary doctorate from UBC in 1999.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Biographical notes
  2. Curriculum Vitae, ca. 1991
  3. Draft of letter from Ethel Warbinek from the 80th Anniversary Committee, 1999.
  4. Ten letters of support for nomination of Alice Baumgart for an honourary doctorate from the University of British Columbia.
  5. Correspondence related to the UBC Honourary Doctorate
  6. Alice Baumgart, VGH 1957, UBC BSN 1958—series of notes and list of items in RNABC/CRNBC Corporate Archives.
  7. Annual Spring Convocation, May 29, 2000. Doctor of Laws honoris causa awarded to Alice J. Baumgart

Olga Belecky (1911-2006)

Belecky, Olga Earl (Sister Claire) (1911-2006)

beleckySee Oral History files, Fonds 18, Series 3, Subseries 8

Olga Belecky was born in Hosmer, BC, near Fernie, the daughter of an immigrant couple from Russia. She was initially trained as a teacher, but soon decided to enter nursing. After receiving her training at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, she became a nursing instructor at St. Eugene’s Hospital in Cranbrook. In 1943 she entered the Poor Claires in Victoria and became Sister Claire, known throughout her life for her deep compassion for the troubled, and dedication to her faith.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Biographical Information Profile with signed release.
  2. Notes and correspondence, especially concerning her suitability for the cloistered life.
  3. Photograph of Belecky family, taken about 1946.
Ellen benedict

Ellen Benedict 1902 – 1997

Benedict, Frances Ellen(1902-1997)

Ellen benedictSee Oral History files, Fonds 18, Series 3,Subseries 8

Frances Benedict graduated from UBC in 1923 with a B.A. She taught at various schools in BC, also pursuing graduate studies. When her mother died, she studied at St. Paul’s Hospital, achieving the highest marks in the provincial nursing examinations. She stayed on at St. Paul’s as a teacher, later becoming Educational Director.

After nine years she left for nursing positions in Montreal and later Manitoba before returning to British Columbia, where she joined the teaching staff at the Royal Columbian School of Nursing. Here she became Educational Director until her retirement. Students and others remember her for her kindness and understanding.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Biographical Information Profile
  2. The Lamp, Royal Columbian Hospital, (1969) Dedication to and History of Miss Benedict.
  3.  “Remembering Frances”. Memorial eulogy by Helen Shore.
  4. Obituaries
  5. Three photographs


Angela Berg (1936-2004)

Berg (nee Hughes), Angela Joan (1936-2004)

bergCD includes two large files on Angela containing scanned material prepared by her husband Ken Berg. These include one file primarily of her high school years. The other is mainly of her St. Paul’s years, including numerous photographs from her St. Paul’s nursing class, poems, photographs of her wedding (1958) and various pamphlets, including Nina Rumen’s “Vancouver’s Monuments to Nursing Sisters”.

Angela Berg was born in Fernie and attended Lord Byng High School, from which she graduated in 1951. She trained at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver and married in 1958. She later worked at the Tom Uphill Memorial Home in Fernie, and also as a staff nurse in China.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. CD date July 2005, with attached correspondence

Phyllis Bernez  (1925- 2014)

Bernez (nee Weir), Phyllis (1925- 2014)

phyllisweirbernez1947See also Oral History files, Fonds 18, Series 3,Subseries 8
Audiocassette tape AUOH22, CDOH31

Phyllis Bernez trained at the Calgary General Hospital School of Nursing and later received a Certificate in Teaching and Supervision from UBC and a Certificate in Polio Nursing from the Children’s Medical Centre in Boston. She spent much of her early working life in Calgary, but moved to Vancouver in 1978. She was an instructor in Medical Nursing for two years at Vancouver General HospitalSchool of Nursing, Co-ordinator of Rehabilitation Nursing at Holy Family Hospital, and nurse at the A.S.K. Friendship Centre.

She worked at different times in Bermuda and St. Lucia, which she described as among her most memorable working experiences.

Contents of Biographical File

  1. Biographical Information Profile with signed release
  2. Letter from Ethel Warbinek dated January 27, 2006.
  3. Five photocopied photographs dated 1946-1970. Photos are saved in oral history photos file.

Lois Blais 1938 – 2008

Blais, Lois M. (1938-2008)

See Oral History files,
Fonds 18, Series 3, Subseries 8, AUOH23, CDOH39

loisblaisSee also fonds 23

Lois Blais was born in North Bay, Ontario. She received her RN Diploma from St. Michael’s Hospital School of Nursing in Toronto in 1959, and in 1967 completed her BA in English and philosophy at UBC. In 1993 she returned to university to enroll in the Masters inNursing program at UBC. Lois worked at St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver for most of her career, from 1969 occupying a number of senior administrative positions. She was also Head Nurse for the Cancer Control Agency of British Columbia from 1977-1981.

She was also active on many RNABC nursing committees, including Public Relations, Programs, and Philosophy and Nursing Practice; she was also Director-at-Large for the Board of the RNABC from 1976-1979. She chaired the British Columbia Institute of Technology Med/Surg Advisory Committee from 1986-1988, and later was a member of the same committee. From 1987-1989 she was President of the Vancouver Metropolitan chapter of the RNABC, and later chaired Langara College’s Holistic Health Program Advisory Committee. . She was recognized with an Award of Honour from RNABC in 1994.

During the 80s Blais took a break from her nursing career to assist in building a 36 ft. Wharram Catamaran. From 1981 to 1983 she sailed 15,000 miles off shore, including to Mexico, Hawaii and Micronesia. When she retired in 1999 she joined the History of Nursing group, where she became successively treasurer, vice-president and president, and also chaired the Archives Committee. She also studied energy alternative therapies and was an Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner.

Contents of biographical file

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Member Bio: Lois Blais, RN, MSM, IEHP
  3. Letter from Carol Winter to Lois Blais, May 2, 1995.
  4. Certificates:
    1. UBC School of Nursing Adjunct Recognition Award, June 15, 2000.
    2. St. Paul’s Hospital Emergency Response Team, March 18, 1994.
    3. UBC Level 1 program in Critical Care Nursing, November 18-December 4, 1986.
    4. Membership in the Nursing Honour Society of the University of British Columbia, April 12, 1991.
  5. Invitation to Retirement Tea for Lois Blais, March 19, 1999.
  6. Remembering Lois Blais, HON News, Fall 2008 (2 copies).
  7. Two newspaper clippings
  8.  Jill Thompson, “Florence Nightingale: Her Life and Times Revisited”‘, History of Nursing News, Summer 2001, pp. 1-2
  9. Obituaries and e-mails
  10. 7 photographs: Graduation, n.d. and in 2000 as Florence Nightingale